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The principle and characteristics of the hood pole motor

Issuing time:2023-03-20 09:00


The hood-type AC motor is widely used in household appliances such as electric fan, oven, air fried pot, air circulationg fan and other household electrical appliances with simple structure, low production cost, and less runing noise.

The hood-type motor has only the main winding and does not start the winding.

However, there is a short circuit ring in the two poles of the stator, also known as the "electrode cover".

When the motor is powered on, the main magnetic pole produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field is pulse, and the motor will not rotate.

However, a short-circuit current generates in the short circuit ring, so that the magnetic field generated by the hood on the magnetic pole is closer than the magnetic field that is not covered. Therefore, the magnetic pole constitutes a rotating magnetic field, and the motor rotor roates to start work.

In fact, this short circuit ring is equivalent to the starting winding of the motor.

The hood-type electric motor usually uses a cage-shaped oblique groove aluminum rotor. Accodring to the different shape structure of the stator, it is divided into a convex polar electromotive motor hidden pole motor.

A. The stator of the convex pole electrode motor is a square, rectangular or round mgnetic field frame, and the magnetic pole protrudes. Each magnetic pole has one or more short-circuit copper ring with auxiliary effects, that is, the cover pole winding group Essence The concentration winding on the convex poles is the main winding.

B. The stator heart of the hidden pole electrode motor is the same as the iron heart of the ordinary single-phase motor. Its stator level uses a distributed winding group. The main winding is distributed in the stator groove. The lacquer cable wounds around the composition (short circuit after series) is embedded in the stator groove (about 1/3 of the total number of the total slot), which plasys the role of auxiliart group. The main winding and the hood is winding at a certain angle from the space.

When the main winding of the hood pole motor is powered on, the vex winding will also generate and inductive current, causing the magnetic flux and the non-cover part of the stator magnetic pole venue to rotate the part of the cover part.

When the exciation coil of the hood-shaped motor is powered on, the magnetic flux of the magnetic motor magnetic pole is moved on the space. The part of the cover is moved to the cover part, as if the magnetic field is rotated, so that the rotor of the cage structure is started to start the startup. The torque, and also determines that the steering of the motor rotates from the end cover to the cover part.

Flux polar motor, oven motor, pan-smoke motor, drying motor, air fried motor, disinfection cabinet motor, enbedded oven motor.

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