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Inter-turn short circuit treatment method of motor winding

Issuing time:2023-03-14 09:00


When the winding sprints, it usually shows that the fuse of the motor power supply circuit is blown or the switch trips; whent the motor winding is short-circuited, a large current is generated and the coil heats up rapidly and burns, resulting in a burning smell; the magnetic field is unevenly distributed; the current Unbalanced use of the motor will vibrate or aggravate the noise generated, or even cause the motor to malfunction. When a short circuit occurs, we can deal with it by the following methods:

1. Induction method

This method is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction to put a special short-circuit transformer -- short-circuit detector across the stator slot. After the short-circuit detectior is energized, if the iron sheet placed on the slot vibrates, it means that there is a short circuit. Phenomenon.

2. Observation method

That is, observe whether the insulation at the end of the leveling and the wire slot is damaged or burnt, and whether there is any peculiar smell.

3. Multimeter or megger inspection method

That is to say, use these two meters to test the insulation resistance between any two-phase windings. If the reading is very little or zero, there is a short circuit between phases.

4. Detection temperature inspection method

Make the motor run without load for a certain period of time, and touch the temperature of each part of the winding by hand to see if it is normal. If there is a short circuit between turns, the temperature in this place will generally be relatively high.

5. Power-on test method

This is a fairly simple method, which is to test with an ammeter. If there is a short circuit between phases, the current passing through is generally relatively large. The above are the most common procesing methods.

If the winding short circuit occurs, the method should be screened according to the actual situation, and correspodning measures should be taken to deal with it.

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