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Causes of motor burnout

Issuing time:2023-03-10 09:00


The reasons for the motor burning are as follows:

1. Poor sealing of the motor

When the motor is not well sealed, it is easy for some things that have a particularly large impact on the motor to enter the inside of the motor, such as some water ,gas or even some corrosive liquids, which will cause the winging part of the motor to be corroded, and seriously cause the motor to Some important parts of the motor are short-circuited, which causes the motor to burn out.

2. The bearing of the motor is damaged or bent

When the bearing of the motor is damaged or the bearing is bent, it will cause friction between the stator and the rotor in the motor, which will cause a sharp rise in temperature and eventually cause a short circuit between turns of the winding. In severe cases, the stator core will be reversed, dislocated, The shaft is worn out, the end cover is scrapped, etc., and the motor is burned.

3. The biological end of the winding part is longer

When the end of the leveling part of the motor is long, the winding will rub against some other accessories, or the arm part of the motor winding will be damaged, which will cause the winding of the motor to burn locally Phenomenon.

4. The motor is overloaded or overheated for a long time

When the motor is operated under overload for a long time or under overheating conditions, the insulation part of the winding of the motor will age, and the speed will increase, which will eventually lead to carbonization of the weakest insulation of the winding, causinng th winding to be partiallly burned.

5. The motor war current is unbalanced

When the power supply voltage is too large, the air gap of the motor is too large or uneven, which will lead to uneven current distribution, and eventually cause the motor to be burned.

6. The motor leveling insulation part is subject to mechanical vibration

When the insulation part of the motor is subjected to mechanical vibration, for example, when the motor receives a large current impact when the motor is started, or the rotor of the motor is unbalanced, etc., the winding will have inter-turn looseness, insuation cracks and other undesirable phenomena., thus accelerating the aging of the insulation part of the motor winding, and eventually causing the winding to be burned.

7. Improper use of the motor by the staff

In the production workshop, when using the motor, the staff is not very skilled in the use of the motor, so it is easy to cause certain damage to the motor due to improper operation of the staff. For example, some workers turn off the motor before the pump or fan is turned off, which causes the motor to be burned.

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