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The difference between frequency conversion water pump and conventional water pump

Issuing time:2023-02-01 09:00


What is the difference between a variable frequency water pump and a conventional water pump? The difference between the two is: the motor of the variable frequency pump is a variable frequency motor, and the motor of an ordinary pump is a variable motor. In the design of the frequency conversion motor, the heat dissipation problem when the motor runs to a low speed is considered, and a separate powerful fan is used, and the high-order harmonics generated by the frequency converter are also dealt with accordingly. The variable frequency pump is to change the frequency to control the speed to achieve the required water flow. The difference in the appearance of the frequency conversion motor and the ordinary motor: the motor is the same, that is, a frequency converter is added in front of the motor for control, and the cooling fan of the frequency conversion motor is independent, which is specially designed to prevent the motor from running at low frequency for a long time and causing insufficient heat dissipation The cooling fan of the ordinary motor is integrated with the rotor of the motor, which is the biggest difference in appearance. A water pump is a machine that transports liquids to pressurize them. It transmits the mechanical energy of the prime mover or other external energy to the liquid to increase the energy of the liquid. It is mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsified Huai, suspoemulsion and liquid metal. Also conveying liquid, gas mixture and liquid containing suspended solids, the technical performance of the pump can include flow rate, suction lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc.; according to different working principles, it can be divided into volumetric pumps, vane pumps, etc. . Positive displacement pumps use the change in the volume of their working chambers to transfer energy; vane pumps use the interaction between rotating blades and water to transfer energy, and there are centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps.

1. The frequency conversion pump can be set with automatic constant pressure function;

2. The water pump is generally in the form of a unit, and the price is much more expensive than ordinary water pumps;

3. The frequency conversion water pump can adjust the speed of the frequency conversion motor to achieve flow regulation, saving energy and reducing consumption. Conventional water pumps do not have this function, and the power and flow are fixed.

The characteristics of frequency conversion water pump:

1. Humanized control interface;

2. Multiple display modes, real-time voltage, flow, etc. can be presented in matrix, digital display, pointer, etc.

3. Data acquisition function, which can collect parameters such as the instantaneous power of the motor and generate instantaneous start curves, overall flow and generate curves.

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