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What is a three-phase brushless DC water pump, and what is the difference between it and an AC three

Issuing time:2023-01-09 09:00

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Brushless DC water pump, using the principle of permanent magnet brushless DC motor, adding an impeller to its rotor, and designing a cavity to make the liquid centrifugally move on the shell structure, because there is no carbon brush friction, so there will be no sparks ; Efficiency should be high, low power consumption, longer life than brushed motors, and low noise.

The three-phase brushless DC water pump adopts a six-slot stator, which has three pairs of magnetic fields. The water pump is controlled by MCU, and the position is intelligently detected to change direction. Additional sensors are needed, so the pump body does not need to put any electronic components inside the circuit board. After setting, all the materials in the pump body are replaced with high temperature resistant ones, which can be used in boiling water above 100 degrees. The water pump has the characteristics of reverse connection protection, stuck protection, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, intelligent program or manual adjustment, etc. Moreover, the power driven by the three-phase control mode of the water pump of the same volume can be much higher than that of the two-phase water pump. (Three-phase DC and three-phase AC are completely different concepts. The power supply method of three-phase DC is the same as that of ordinary DC, one positive and one negative, while three-phase AC is three lines, and three-phase DC uses the lack of one of the phases to supply power. Realize sensorless position detection, so that the internal sensor of the pump can be removed) Generally speaking, three-phase DC can be called brushless DC sensorless intelligent water pump.

The two-phase DC water pump uses Hall elements to detect the position, and then commutates through the drive board. The consumption control circuit board is built-in, and the Hall sensor is used to detect the position and provide a commutation signal, and the higher the power, the higher the temperature generated by the eddy current in the pump body, sometimes reaching more than 100 degrees, but in general, the temperature resistance of electronic components They are all around 85 degrees, so two-phase DC water pumps generally only have a current of less than 2A, and the water temperature should not exceed 60-70 degrees, otherwise the reliability of the pump cannot be guaranteed.

Performance comparison of two pumps:

Power: The two-phase one can only be used with a current below 2A and a maximum power of 50W. Three-phase can be more than 2A, the maximum power is 95W

Temperature resistance: two-phase 60 degrees, three-phase 100 degrees (three-phase circuit board is external, so it can be used at high temperature)

Impact resistance: There is an impact when the two-phase commutation, there is a large starting current, the three-phase is a program commutation, no impact, and it is soft start, the starting current is small.

Protection: The three-phase DC water pump has jamming protection, reverse connection protection, etc.

Shock resistance: The two phases are reversing for the detection position of the Hall element, and the shock resistance is not strong. The three-phase DC is programmed commutation, which has strong shock resistance.

Pressability: The two-phase DC water pump can only adjust the speed by adjusting the voltage. When the system needs program control, it is difficult to implement and the cost is high. The three-phase water pump can also change the speed by adjusting the voltage, but the three-phase water pump can also lead out the control signal line, which can realize PWM speed regulation, analog signal 0-5V speed regulation, manual speed regulation, fast response, and easy to implement.

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