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Advantages of three-phase DC frequency conversion wave pump

Issuing time:2023-01-07 09:00


1. What is the feeling of the DC variable frequency water pump, and the difference between the ordinary DC water pump

1) The induction DC water pump means that the windings of the water pump are three pairs of poles, and the consumption is driven by a husband sensor. Among the three pairs of windings, there will be a pair of windings that cannot be powered, and a back electromotive force will be generated in the rotating magnetic field to detect the following of the magnet. To achieve the purpose of detention, the circuit board can be placed externally, so that the pump body can withstand high temperature. The three-phase DC water pump and the AC three-phase water pump are two completely different concepts, and their power supply method is the same as that of ordinary DC. The starting mode of the water pump is soft start, and the drive has no impact. Can be directly powered by solar panels.

2) Ordinary DC water pumps are two-phase DC water pumps, which refer to the water pumps with 2 opposite poles in the winding. This kind of water pump needs to switch the winding current direction of the water pump through the sensor to achieve the purpose of driving the magnet to rotate. The water pump reaches the highest speed as soon as it is started. , the impact current is more than 2 times the working current.

2. The difference between the three-phase DC adjustment method and the ordinary adjustment method

1) The three-phase DC adjustment pump is adjusted by PWM or 0-5V analog signal. The main principle is to change the ratio of the pump's power on and off in a unit time by adjusting the duty cycle, thereby changing the speed of the pump and the input of the pump. The voltage does not change.

2) The way to adjust the speed of ordinary DC water pumps is to directly change the input voltage.

3. The wave-making difference between the three-phase DC variable frequency wave-making pump and the ordinary wave-making pump

1) The three-phase DC frequency conversion wave-making pump mainly controls the power-on and power-off time of the water pump through the program. The water pump will start frequently to achieve the purpose of wave-making. The size of the wave is different with different time intervals. Because the water pump uses soft start , No impact, frequent starting will not cause the life of the pump to be reduced.

2) Ordinary DC variable frequency wave-making pumps also change the power-on and power-off time intervals of the water pump to achieve the purpose of wave-making, but the frequent power-on and power-off of the modified DC pump will continuously generate impacts (more than 2 times the working current), This makes the control electronics very vulnerable to failure.

4. Protection function

1) The three-phase frequency conversion wave pump has self-protection functions such as jam protection, overload protection, and over-current protection.

2) Ordinary variable frequency wave pumps do not have such a function

5. Lifespan

1) The service life of the three-phase DC frequency conversion wave pump can reach more than 5 years

2) The service life of ordinary frequency conversion wave pump is about half a year

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