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Discussion on the application of brushless DC pump in zero cold water

Issuing time:2023-01-05 09:00


Now let's take a look at the application of brushless DC pumps in the zero cooling water industry.

What is the principle of zero cold water gas water heater?

When the zero-cold water gas water heater is ignited, the water heater has a built-in small circulating pump (brushless DC water pump), and the single valve installed at the hot water outlet works at the same time, and most of the cold water in the hot water outlet pipe is pumped back to the tap water inlet of the water heater. At the same time, the hot water outlet of the gas water heater is replaced with a hot water outlet pipe to achieve zero cold water. How to achieve ultra-quiet, supercharged, large liters, intelligent control, easy-to-use and comfortable zero-cold water? The key secret is to configure a reliable built-in circulation pump (brushless DC water pump). Brushless centrifugal pumps are usually used in circulating pumps, which need to meet the requirements of large flow, large lift, ultra-quiet, and intelligent control.

The water heater brushless DC water pump should have the following characteristics:

1. Strong water pump power

It can achieve a lift of more than 30 meters, break through the limitation of the apartment type, solve the problem of water use in the whole house of large flats, villas, and lofts, and realize zero cold water in the whole house; different from the traditional zero cold water water heater, the zero cold water water heater increases the intelligent boosting effect , The cycle pressurization speed has increased by 38%, which can realize the instantaneous arrival of hot water in a 100-meter waterway. In the bathing state, the intelligent pressurization system can monitor the change of water pressure in real time, and the hot water is continuous, bringing a comfortable bathing experience;

2. Intelligent control of zero cold water circulation pump, more worry-free and energy-saving.

(1) The DC variable frequency pump (brushless DC pump) can customize the temperature sensing output function, control the start and stop of the pump through the sensing temperature range, avoid 24-hour standby, and save energy.

(2) PWM adjustment function to achieve the best efficiency work according to the water pressure; customized water pump and sensor matching control, intelligent boosting of the water pump, zero cold water circulation booster pump automatically supplements the water output of the system when using water, and boosts the maximum speed; the water pump does not use water Drought, low-speed operation, keep the system pressure constant; stable water, constant water temperature.

3. Ultra-quiet zero cold water circulation booster pump

The noise of the whole machine is lower than 40dB, which is equivalent to the quiet level of the library, and there is no need to worry about disturbing the normal life of the family during operation.

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