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6 Benefits of a Tankless Smart Toilet

Issuing time:2022-12-28 09:00


The six advantages of the tankless smart toilet are:

1. From the perspective of cleanliness and sanitation, the tankless smart toilet has no water storage tank. When using the cleaning function, it uses tap water directly instead of water stored in the water storage tank. Long-term storage of water in storage tanks can produce bacteria, which can also have adverse effects when flushing toilets.

2. From the perspective of saving resources, due to the technical limitations of toilets in the past, most toilets have not passed the water test, so the daily flushing volume is 6L-9L. However, a smart toilet without a water tank does not have a water storage tank. With each use, only a small stream of water is required to clean the interior of the toilet.

3. Since there is no water storage tank structure, the smart toilet without a water tank must use running water every time. This structure can reduce the reproduction of bacteria in the toilet, reduce the presence of odor, and make the toilet cleaner.

4. Some tankless toilets can use dry electricity, which literally means that we don’t need a continuous external power supply, and the horse can run normally with dry batteries. This power supply method is safer and more convenient, and more and more toilets are beginning to use this method.

5. The tankless intelligent toilet is controlled by intelligent water pressure. Since there is no structure of a water storage tank inside, it is necessary to rely on the intelligent system of the bathroom itself to control the water pressure, which is more accurate.

6. The tankless smart toilet also includes functions such as automatic opening and closing of the lid, automatic temperature control, and odor removal.

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