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What is the role of automotive electronic water pump

Issuing time:2022-12-27 09:00


Automotive electronic water pump, as the name implies, is a water pump used in automobiles. It is a miniature water pump with an electronically controlled drive unit. It is generally composed of three parts: the same electrode, electronic control unit, and overcurrent unit.

Due to the structure of the pump, the automotive electronic water pump does not have the function of self-priming. At present, most of the automotive electronic water pumps on the market are centrifugal pumps. As a water pump used in automobiles, the core is the service life and reliability of the pump.

In terms of basic life and reliability, automotive electronic water pumps basically adopt shielded pump structure, and the electronic control part is one of the customer technologies of automotive electronic water pumps. In addition to the conventional water pump functions, the automotive electronic water pump should also have functions such as pressure control, water shortage protection, flow control, and self-maintenance. At the same time, the compact structure design should also be easy to use, long life, stable performance, low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency and other functions. These are the basic functions necessary for automotive electronic water pumps.

Next, let's understand the working principle of the automotive electronic water pump:

1. After the motor is started, it moves in a circular motion, and the inside of the pump is reciprocated through a mechanical device.

2. Form a positive pressure at the water outlet

3. A vacuum is formed at the water inlet, which creates a pressure difference with the outside atmospheric pressure, and then presses the water into the water inlet

4. After the water flow enters the water inlet, the water is discharged under the positive pressure of the water outlet.

5. Under the action of the kinetic energy driven by the motor, water and other media are continuously sucked and discharged to form a stable flow.

Having said these 5 aspects, what is the role of the automotive electronic water pump?

Automotive electronic water pumps are mainly used for cooling and protection. When the car is turned off, it cools down the oil at the turbine shaft, the engine, the air conditioner, etc., and the main circulating medium is the waterway.

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