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The role of the booster pump of the chiller

Issuing time:2022-12-23 09:00

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Chillers are divided into air-cooled chillers and water chillers. Chillers are divided into low-temperature chillers and room temperature chillers, and the room temperature is generally controlled within the range of 0-35 degrees. The temperature control of the cryogenic machine is generally around 0~-100 degrees.

The chiller produces a large amount of heat during the cooling process, which needs to be dissipated in a certain way. The cold water pump plays the role of circulating water to dissipate heat!

The DC brushless pump is mainly composed of a brushless motor, a driver, and a pump impeller. The pump cavity is completely isolated from the motor circuit, and the pump impeller is powered by a magnetic conversion method. It is a typical mechatronics product. The motor adopts a carbon brushless structure, mainly including inner rotor and outer rotor; the driver is composed of power electronic equipment and integrated circuits, and the booster pump of the chiller mainly controls the start and stop of the pump, speed regulation, signal output, etc. There are three main structures of the rotor impeller: fully enclosed, semi-closed and fully open.

The difference between brushless DC pump and traditional brush pump and motor pump:

Motor-type brush pump: It adopts a brush motor, which has a short service life, high noise, electromagnetic interference, poor sealing, and cannot dive.

DC brushless pump: adopts brushless motor, long service life, low noise, no electromagnetic interference, good sealing, and can be submerged for a long time.

For traditional brush pumps and motor brushless pumps, since the motor shaft core and the rotor impeller are directly connected, the booster pump of the water purifier uses oil between the gaskets, which limits the industry limitations.

The DC brushless pump adopts magnetic conversion instead of the traditional pump structure, the motor and rotor impeller are completely isolated from the waterproof chamber, and the booster pump of the chiller completely solves the sealing problem. The rotating part is perfectly combined with zirconia and graphite, the mechanical friction is minimal, the service life is long, the noise is low, and the noise can be controlled at 25dB.

Due to the use of brushless motors, the pump functions have also been improved: speed adjustment, FG signal output, happy together protection, overvoltage protection, anti-skid steering protection, overfill protection, low-voltage solar start, etc.

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