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Several advantages of miniature high-pressure water pumps

Issuing time:2022-12-22 09:00


When many users use micro pumps, they need to adjust the flow because the flow of the pump is too large. In the past, they were adjusted by reducing the voltage or adding valves, which brought a lot of inconvenience to the use. Several advantages of micro water pumps are as follows:

1. Equipped with brushless motor, long life and low interference.

2. With overheat protection and overload protection: For example, an accident may cause the temperature of the pump motor to rise abnormally. At this time, the water pump will automatically protect and stop to prevent the motor from being burned. If foreign objects fall into the motor, it may be stuck, and the water pump will automatically protect and stop. ,, to avoid burning the motor.

3. It can not only pump water directly, but also pump air. It is a water-air dual-purpose pump that can self-prime and run dry.

4. For simplicity and convenience, insert the wiring on the pump motor directly into the knob on the speed control box, and change the motor speed to change the flow rate of the micro pump.

5. There is a micro-pump motor speed feedback signal, from which the operating status of the pump can be known, which is convenient for closed-loop control and makes the system more intelligent.

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