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Some basic safety operating procedures for miniature submersible pumps

Issuing time:2022-12-21 09:00

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The submersible pump is a kind of water pump that is common in our daily life. Some people use it directly after buying it, but ignore some safety issues. Now let’s understand some basic safety operating procedures of the miniature submersible pump:

1. The miniature submersible pump should be installed in a strong blue box, and then placed in water, or a strong protective net should be set around the pump. The pump body should stand upright in the water, and the water depth is not less than 0.5m. If it is used in muddy water, please purchase a special pump.

2. Before the power is disconnected, it is forbidden to pull the cable or the outlet pipe, let alone put the submersible pump into the water or lift it out of the water when it is charged.

3. The submersible pump should be equipped with a protection device for zero connection or leakage protection. No one or livestock can enter the water surface within 30m around the pump.

4. The pre-start inspection items should meet the following requirements:

(1) The water pipe is firmly tied;

(2) The screw plugs such as air release, water release and oil injection are all tightened;

(3) The impeller and water inlet section are free of sundries;

(4) The cable insulation is good.

5. After turning on the power, test run first, and check and confirm that the rotation direction is correct, and the running time outside the water should not be too long.

6. Always observe the water level change, the horizontal distance between the center of the impeller should be between 0.5 and 3.0m, and the pump body must not fall into the sludge or come out of the water. Cable leakage and short circuit.

7. After using the new pump or new seal ring for 50 hours, open the water seal plug to check the water and oil leakage. When the leakage exceeds 5ml, a 0.2mpa air pressure test should be carried out to find out the cause and eliminate it, and then check it once a month. When the leakage does not exceed 25ml, it can be used intermittently. After inspection, the specified lubricating oil should be replaced.

8. Before the oil-immersed submersible pump is used for the first time after maintenance, a 0.2MPa air pressure test should be carried out to check that there is no leakage in each part, and then add lubricating oil into the lower casing.

9. When the temperature drops below 0 degrees, after stopping the operation, the submersible pump should be taken out of the water and stored indoors after drying.

10. The insulation resistance of the motor stator winding should be measured once a week, and its value must not drop.

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