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Why does the motor rotor keep turning but no water comes out during the operation of the DC brushles

Issuing time:2022-12-20 09:00


The possible causes of the failure of the micro brushless DC water pump not to produce water during operation:

1. At present, our water pump is a centrifugal pump without self-priming function. Before using the water pump, the centrifugal water pump body must be filled with water. If there is no water, there will be no water and the motor will be burned.

2. After the water pump is filled with water, the distance from the suction water surface exceeds the allowable installation height of the water pump, or is less than the water pressure required for pumping the water pump. Long-term idling of the motor will also cause the motor to burn out.

3. The impeller of the water pump or the water inlet of the water pump is blocked by foreign matter or the valve of the pump inlet is closed.

4. The gap between the impeller and the pump casing inside the pump is too large, and the water inlet and outlet channels are straight through.

5. The pipeline from the water inlet end of the water pump to the water source is damaged, causing it to suck a lot of air.

6. The key connecting the shaft and the impeller falls off or is damaged, but the motor does not drive the impeller to rotate.

If the above problems occur, if you want to better protect the motor, you need to buy a water pump with protection function to prevent the motor from idling for too long and burn out. The protection pump will automatically detect water shortage, stuck, idling, stalled, and low-voltage overvoltage protection.

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