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What is a Shaded Pole Motor?

Issuing time:2022-08-25 09:00


Shaded-pole motor is the simplest type of one-way AC motor, and usually uses a cage-type chute cast aluminum rotor. According to the different shape and structure of the stator, it is divided into a salient-pole shaded-pole motor and a hidden-pole shaded-pole motor.

The shape of the stator core of the salient-pole shaded-pole motor is a square, rectangular or circular magnetic field frame, the magnetic poles are protruding, and each magnetic pole has one or more short-circuit copper rings that play an auxiliary role, that is, the shaded pole winding. The concentrated winding on the salient pole is used as the main winding.

The stator core of the hidden-pole shaded-pole motor is the same as that of the ordinary single-phase motor. The stator winding adopts distributed winding, and the main leveling is distributed in the stator slot. The shaded-pole leveling does not need to short-circuit the copper ring, but uses thicker enameled wires It is wound into a distributed winding (self-short-circuited after being connected in series) and embedded in the stator slots (about 1/3 of the total number of slots), which plays the role of an auxiliary group. The main winding and the shaded pole winding are spaced apart by a certain angle.

When the main winding of the shaded-pole motor is energized, the shaded-pole winding will also generate an induced current, so that the magnetic flux of the part of the stator magnetic pole covered by the shaded-pole winding and the uncovered part rotate in the direction of the covered part.

The advantage of the shaded pole timing is that the structure is simple, and no additional windings and capacitors are required. The disadvantage is low efficiency and large slippage.

Shaded-pole AC motors are widely used in small household appliances such as electric fans, hair dryers, and vacuum cleaners due to their simple structure, low production cost, and low operating noise.

Shaded-pole motors have only main windings and no starting windings.

However, there is a pair of short-circuit rings at each of the two poles of the stator, also known as "electrode cover pole ring". When the motor is energized, the main magnetic pole part generates a magnetic field, which is pulsating and the motor does not rotate. However, a short-circuit current is generated in the short-circuit ring, so that the magnetic field generated by the covered part of the magnetic pole lags behind the magnetic field of the non-covered part, so the magnetic pole forms a rotating magnetic field, and the motor rotor rotates and starts to work.

In fact, this short-circuit ring is equivalent to the starting winding of the motor.

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