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How to use the refrigerator correctly

Issuing time:2022-08-24 09:00


1. Food classification

In order to really check the hygiene, wash, classify and store food as soon as possible. This is the way to prevent it. Of course, plastic bags that have been contaminated by meat juices should never be put in the refrigerator.

2. Be kind to the refrigerator

Soup, gravy, food scraps, rancid vegetable leaves… are the culprits of bacteria and odors. Even the food in the freezer has a shelf life. Fresh food can be invaded and spoiled by bacteria if you are not careful. If you can treat refrigerators well, people's livelihood issues will have an additional layer of protection.

3. Pay attention to the storage time

The temperature of the freezer is absolutely below zero, so everyone is used to putting fish, meat, etc. that need special preservation, or food that has been stored for a long time. In fact, the low temperature of the freezer is not a panacea. Even if the food is frozen in it, it has a certain shelf life.

4. Use a container with a lid

Using airtight containers with lids to store food can greatly reduce the chance of spilling soup, and if you accidentally get dirty, remember to wipe it up with your hands, so as not to grow bacteria at night. The plastic bags returned from the market containing food are the source of foreign pollution in the ranking.

The above is the correct way to use the refrigerator shared for you, I hope it will help you.


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