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New energy electric vehicle cooling cycle electronic pump

Issuing time:2020-04-03 00:00


Hybrid type, extended range motor and control system cooling cycle. The motor and control system of the pure electric bus are cooled, and the battery assists the heating and cooling cycle. The turbocharger is cyclically cooled. Engine water cooling cycle.

New energy electric vehicle cooling cycle electronic pump. Features: Compact structure, easy installation and reliable performance. Low power consumption and high efficiency. Adopt high-efficiency three-phase motor and drive, with long service life. Water pump working status monitoring, stall alarm. With PWM signal to control speed. Allows constant flow control. Anti-reverse protection. Protection against dry running. Over-voltage and over-current protection. Overload and overtemperature protection. Enclosure protection class: IP65.

Power supply method: battery-powered water pump flow rate, the ambient temperature of the water pump: -40 ℃ --120 ℃, during the installation process, try to avoid close to the three-way catalyst, exhaust pipe and engine to ensure that the ambient temperature meets the requirements. The water level of the water pump in the vehicle cooling system is as low as possible to extend the life of the water pump. In the installation arrangement of the pump, the number of elbows in the waterway should be reduced as much as possible to reduce water resistance; the pipeline at the water inlet and outlet, if the actual situation allows, it is best to ensure that there are no elbows within 20cm. The pump must be protected from dust during use. If the dust environment is harsh, the service life of the pump will be shortened. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the water during use, so as not to block the pump and jam the impeller, thereby reducing the service life of the pump.

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