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Compared with traditional AC pumps, brushless DC pumps mainly have these 4 advantages!

Issuing time:2020-07-24 08:43

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The brushless DC water pump adopts electronic component commutation, and detects the position of the permanent magnet through the program. It is different from the traditional AC pump motor, which will cause wear when rotating the carbon brush. It does not require the use of carbon brush commutation. It is a brand-new water pump technology. Many people don't know this brand new pump technology, let's get to know it below.

1. The brushless DC pump has high safety

The common power supply of brushless DC pumps is low-voltage 24V or 12V, which is much lower than the safe contact voltage of human body 36V. If the line is aging during use, the leakage of electricity will not cause any dmage to the human body and living beings. Because the AC water pump is a high-voltage electricity, once the line is aging or leakage will cause great harm to humans and living things.

In many industries, there are potential safety hazards when using AC pumps. Like swimming pool equipment, fish tank pumping, and dishwasher equipment, if there is a leakage, it will cause safety hazards to the human body. Brushless DC water pumps do not have this safety hazard.

2. The brushless DC pump is more energy-efficient

The traditional AC water pump 3000L with a head less than 3M requires 100W power. For this reason, many manufacturers have seriously false standards on the parameters (the normal error of the pump parameters is about plus or minus 5%, and the AC pump is far more than that). As a result, the energy consumption is very large when you use the water pump, because the friction loss of the carbon brush of the AC water pump motor is very large. The brushless DC water pump achieves a 100W flow rate of nearly 12000L and a head of 5M. This is because the brushless DC water pump has very low loss and high efficiency.

After a year, with the same power, using a brushless DC pump, you can save several pumps in electricity bills.

3. The brushless DC pump has a longer life and is basically noise-free

Because the brushless DC water pump uses the combination of ceramic and carbon fiber graphite shaft sleeve, there is basically no friction during use, and there is basically no noise. The noise can be comparable to international high-end water pumps. Greatly increase its service life. This is not the case with traditional AC pumps. As long as the moter rotates the carbon brushes, they will wear out. When the water pump runs to certain level, the carbon brush wear gap will increase and the noise will increase. After hundreds of hours of continuous operation, the carbon brushes cannot be replaced. To the role of the.

4. The brushless DC water pump generates little heat

The heat of the water pump is inevitable. If the efficiency of the water pump is low, the more power consumed will naturally be used for heat generation. Due to the high voltage, traditional AC water pumps use very thin copper wires and can only use very thin copper wires to wind the coils, so that the resistance is large and the heat will be serious, and the very thin copper wires cannot use high-temperature enameled wires..

The brushless DC water pump has a low voltage, uses a thick copper wire, and is of high temperature resistance level, so that it can withstand high temperatures and has low temperature rise. Anyone who understands electronics knows that resistance depends on the thickness and length of the wire.

The above are the four main advantages of brushless DC pumps compared with traditional AC pumps. Of course, brushless DC pumps have more advantages when used in some specific environments.

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