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Company Culture

Enterprise Philosophy: Quality and innovation is the foundation for our survival and development. Innovation is our motivation; we create our own brand on the basis of quality assurance, and keep moving fast to create a more bright future!
Enterprise Spirit: Science, Rigorous and Pragmatic. As the development of the science till now, its power is amazing! Rigorous attitude could be accomplished only under the guide of Pragmatic.
Service Spirit: To be honest to customers, Customers is the first. We welcome you to our company with our honest heart, your compliment and satisfaction is our eternal pursuit and greatest asset!

Customers` demand is the foundation for our survival and development!
Surpassing customers` expectation is the weapon for us to develop and prosper quickly!
It is our goal to become the world-class transnational company!
Zhuogao Motor will continuously implement the three-in-one operation strategy of technology quality and service; adopt constant innovative technology transcendent quality and top service, and join hands with customers to create a more brilliant future!

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Foshan Zhuo Gao Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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